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WELCOME TO: “Drug Rehab Services Palm Springs CA (888) 411-2568″ an affordable addiction treatment and recovery program that consists of 90 days inpatient in a luxurious pet friendly addiction recovery residence not institution, 30 days of sober living and 8 months of aftercare/mentoring support services for a complete 1 year program of recovery. This is a pet friendly drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that offers anything an individual would need to recover and remain that way. We specialize in providing upscale personalized addiction treatment and recovery services to those who suffer from addiction, alcoholism and dual diagnosis and with whom other methods may have failed. Our long term personalized recovery programs cost less than most 30 day treatment centers and we offer far more than they do at no additional cost. All treatment plans are tailored to your specific needs, and cost cutting scholarships, are available as well, so our total comprehensive treatment and recovery solutions makes this the only program anyone will ever need.


TRULY ONE-OF-A-KIND: Why go to a limited care lock down institutional facility when you can recover in a pet friendly homelike flexible upscale residence with all of the personal care you require. Bring your pet, cell phone, laptop, your spouse, your work, single parents your children if you have to, etc.! This is not a “one-size-fits-all” institutional cookie cutter environment. Our expertise is personalized addiction and dual diagnosis treatment and recovery services for those interested in lasting to permanent wellness, provided in a social model upscale residence – services include: Intervention, Inpatient, Psychiatric Services, Medical Detox, Medicine Assisted Therapy, Private & Flexible Residential Inpatient Treatment, 12-Step Education and Programs, Holistic Treatments & Education, Relapse Prevention, Aftercare, Therapy, Lifetime Follow-Up Support, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, One on One Counseling/Therapy, Family Therapy, Court Legal Liaison, and more all included…


  • Affordable luxurious pet friendly drug rehab, executive level recovery estate centers Palm Springs CA, – with networked substance abuse addiction treatment recovery services throughout all of Southern California and the U.S.
  • Providing a highly effective, medical, psycho-therapeutic, holistic, spiritual, flexible, personalized residential approach that treats the whole person and promotes balanced quality living within a sober healthy lifestyle.
  • An entire array of services available – Individualized Care, Intervention, Medical Detoxification, Medicine Assisted Therapy, Pain Management, Inpatient
  • Residential Recovery, Outpatient Treatment, Aftercare, Sober Living Housing, Sober/Life Coaching, Legal Liaison, Family Therapy, Psychiatric Mental Health Services, Case Management and more…
  • Specialized help to those struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency, chronic pain and relapse issues, gambling addiction & other process addictions, dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorders, trauma and P.T.S.D., who may require or need specialized care and more…
  • Private pet friendly rooms, shared accommodations as well as private executive level services available.
    A healthy, proactive, small private setting with a high staff to client ratio that embraces and encourages processing core issues and moving forward in personal lasting recovery each day!
  • A network of highly regarded staff members both clinical and recovered that bring many years of professional & practical experience to the client’s needs on numerous levels.
  • A unique approach providing clients with a hybrid array of on-site and off-site recovery services, enabling a totally customized treatment plan and an improved rate of lasting success.
  • An unwavering level of care, dedication and commitment toward improving lives and rebuilding families.
    From day-one, we prepare your loved one for their return to living and enjoying a dependency free life with the highest likelihood for lasting recovery success…


We understand that not everyone recovers the first time. If you are earnestly trying and need more help we will provide it, if you need extended care services and can’t afford it we will work with you, if you successfully complete our program and relapse we will  re-admit you absolutely free for up to a year. That’s our “Pay Once Program“. That’s the difference between us and the other treatment centers. We are all about doing what is necessary to help someone Permanently Recover Once and for All! We have scholarship discounts for a limited time so make the call now and speak with an addiction recovery specialist (888) 411-2568 we do our utmost to make our program affordable and if you still cannot afford our program we will use our addiction treatment referral services to help you find one that you can. Recovery is what we do…..






- Embark on the journey to permanent recovery –

- Experience a new level of customized care at lower than normal pricing due to our partial scholarships -

-Start living the life you dreamed of long ago -

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