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WELCOME TO: One of the best pet friendly inpatient drug rehab centers in California. We combine addiction medicine, medical & holistic treatments, mental health services, 12 step programs, luxurious private amenities, along with an array of other ancillary substance abuse treatment services to offer a program of recovery that treats the whole person, not just the symptoms. This makes us more effective at helping anyone recover from any form of addiction and or dual diagnosis disorders than anyone else. We specialize in tailoring customized drug addiction, alcoholism, and co morbidity disorder recovery plans specific to our clients needs so they can recover and remain that way. The cost is more reasonable than you think, partial scholarships are available and our lasting recovery success rate is among the highest in the industry. Upscale personalized, flexible, pet friendly, residential addiction treatment and recovery programs at the most affordable rates in the industry! Why go anywhere else?


TRULY ONE-OF-A-KIND: Residential not institutional, treatment and recovery plans are tailored to your needs, bring your pet, your spouse, your work, single parents your children if you have to, etc. This is not a “one-size-fits-all institutional cookie cutter treatment center”. Our expertise is personalized addiction and dual diagnosis treatment and recovery services for those interested in solving the chemical abuse problem once and for all! – Some of our amenities and services include:


  • Total Comprehensive medical, mental health/co-morbidity disorder, substance abuse assessments, custom tailored treatment and recovery plans specifically for each individual.
  • Native American addiction treatment programs, legal liaison services.
  • Holistic addiction treatment services that include but are not limited to: healing natural mineral hot springs, massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, etc. a minimum of 4 days per week at no additional cost.
  • An entire array of ancillary services available for most any scenario – individualized care, intervention, medical detoxification, medicine assisted therapy, pain management, inpatient drug rehabilitation programs, legal & court liaison, out-patient services, counseling, family therapy, referral services, case management, sober and life coach services and more.
  • Specialized help for those who require an additional level of care due to:  trauma, P.T.S.D, chronic pain and other associative disorders, who may have a history of chronic relapse, and with whom other treatment methods may have failed?
  •  Private and shared pet friendly accommodations, excellent food service, on site around the clock staff and more.
  • A healthy, proactive, small private setting with a high staff to client ratio that embraces and encourages processing core issues and moving forward in personal lasting recovery each and every day.
  • A network of highly regarded professionals both clinical and recovered ex-problem drinkers and or drug users that bring many years practical experience to the client’s needs on numerous levels.
  • A paradigm approach providing clients with a hybrid array of on-site and off-site recovery services, enabling a totally customized treatment plan and an improved rate of lasting success.
  • An unwavering level of care, love, service, dedication and commitment toward improving lives and rebuilding families. Beginning with the telephone assessment and throughout the recovery process we prepare you and your loved ones for a return to living and enjoying a dependency free life with the highest likelihood for lasting recovery success. Call us today at (888) 900-4183 or (888) 411-2568 and get your life back.





- Embark on the journey to permanent recovery –

- Experience a new level of customized care at lower than normal pricing due to our partial scholarships -

-Start living the life you dreamed of long ago -

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